Agenda for 24th January now confirmed

Our speaker agenda is now confirmed for January and looks like this:

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We start as per usual at 6:30pm – full details can be found on the registration page.

Rob Thorpe – Account Manager, Assimil8

Rob Thorpe has worked in the IT industry since early 2000 and has helped customers with their business strategy across all sectors. Rob began working with companies to help them formulate their disaster recovery and business continuity plans which came to the forefront in the floods of 2007 when a large insurance company invoked its plans and successfully carried on with business as usual from a recovery centre. Having accurate information to improve decision making has always interested Rob and in recent years he has evangelised about using analytics to understand vast amounts of data and help companies gain valuable insights enabling them to monetise, plan and get ahead of the competition.

Session Overview – Fixing the problem with BI

A little while ago, Assimil8 came to realise that BI had developed its own BI problem. So we’ve been working on a way of fixing it. The results are finally here, in the form of Theia.

The problem was this: most organisations don’t just have one BI tool. We all have our “favourites” – and different departments have different needs.

No-one had a way of bringing everything together – until now.With Theia, everyone keeps the BI tools they know and love…


Ian Woodgate

Session Update – TOP SECRET

Top secret super cool live technical demo using Power BI, Powerapps and a mobile phone – What could go wrong!?!?!



Registration for January’s meeting now open

We are still finalising January’s agenda but for those that like to register nice and early we have set up the eventbright page and registration is now open.

We beat our attendance record in November, so many thanks to everyone that came!

If everyone that came to that meeting tells just 3 people about this meeting then I’m sure we can top that again!

More details to follow as we arrange them but I can assure you you will not be disappointed…

Hope to see you all there

Gareth and Ian


Next Meeting 22nd November

Our next meeting will be on 22nd November. Sign up now!

Ian Stuart – Altis Consulting, Principal

  • Consulting in & Delivering data based solutions since 1995
  • Lead numerous data management projects and teams
  • Experience in a range areas including:
    • Information Management Strategies
    • Data Warehousing
    • Architecture
    • Reporting
  • Worked with a range of industries:
    • Higher Education, Health, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Property, Retail, IT
  • Passionate about design

The Truth about Paragliding and Hang Gliding Incidents

Free flying is exhilarating but it comes with a health warning. Ian Stuart of Altis Consulting recently published his analysis of incidents in “Skywings” – the membership magazine for the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA). He looked at some hypotheses to see if he could spot any correlations. The findings surprised Altis’ resident paragliding pilot!

Young, experienced pilots flying in good weather are at a high risk of having an incident – or so it may seem. To read Ian’s article outlining how he came to this conclusion click here.

In this talk, Ian will demonstrate the Power BI visualisations that went into the article and explore the data on the fly (excuse the pun) with the audience. He will then go on to demonstrate his personal paragliding log book dashboard (again built in Power BI) and explain the potential for improving safety in the sport.


10-15 Minute Sessions

Chris Green – SKORE

Chris is a process geek. He’s worked with a variety of organisations helping them either understand their current ways of working or designing for a new world. Whether it’s for the likes of Nestlé or a ten-person start-up, the approaches and tools he uses put the people at the heart of the change.  

Session Overview: An introduction to how Skore builds a picture of your business and provides insights for everyone.


Neil Randall – Altis Consulting

Neil Randall has 20 years experience in Data Warehousing within the Higher Education,Energy and Telecoms sectors. He is now exploring the new possibilities that cloud services  give us in delivering faster and more efficient solutions.  When not glued to a keyboard Neil is a keen guitar player and strategy gamer.”

Session Overview:  Achieving a  (near zero) Cost of failure in Data Warehouse Projects using AWS

Confirmed agenda for the Business Intelligence User group (UK SOUTH) – Wednesday 13th September

Next meeting confirmed for 6:30 pm on Wednesday 13th September at Blake Morgan, Tollgate, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3LG. We have two great sessions lined up for you this session and of course the obligatory Free Pizza:

An Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation and issues to consider for the Business Intelligence community

Sheilah Mackie-962Sheilah Mackie, Partner, Blake Morgan

Sheilah has a wealth of experience in data protection and privacy law advising clients on compliance with relevant UK and EU legislation in their processing of customer, employee and third party data and their use of cookies and similar technology in relation to both day-to-day transactions and large-scale corporate and outsourcing deals.


Tel: 023 8085 7039

For the latest GDPR updates follow Blake Morgan on Twitter @BlakeMorganLLP and Linkedin BlakeMorgan LLP or visit

Predicting Consumer and Business behaviour – What techniques should you be using to achieve the best results?

Anthony Coombe

This presentation will provide an overview of some of the principle methodologies for analyzing customers and prospects, providing an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. In addition the presentation will demonstrate the application of the methodologies through some case studies.

Anthony is a commercially focused marketing data strategist with more than 25 years expertise in using analytics, insight and planning to improve the acquisition, value and retention of customers. Anthony’s experience has encompassed both B2C and B2B markets across a variety of sectors including Utilities, Financial Services, Retail and Technology often across Europe. Anthony has worked both on the client side and as a consultant for a number of organisations including IBM, SSE, Aviva, Symantec and the AA. His experience combines both business and technical successfully delivering a wide range of projects including building a single view of the customer, developing and implementing propensity models to target online and offline campaigns, the recruitment and training of teams of analysts and planners and finally formulating strategies to acquire and manage customer and prospect data.

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Next Meeting confirmed for Wednesday 7th June


Next meeting confirmed for 6:30 pm on Wednesday 7th June at Blake Morgan, Tollgate, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3LG. We’ve two great sessions lined up:

  • Gavin Clayton (Owner Claytabase Ltd)
    Modular approaches to dataflow tasks
    Data mart principles using the modular approach
  • Tom Martin (Territory Account Manager for Qlik)“How to gain a holistic view of your data with Qlik” I will look to provide an overview of challenges that organisations face with gaining insights from their data today and how we address them with The Qlik Platform.

Plus the usual great company and free pizzas! New attendees welcome.

Please register on the following link, see you there!

Gareth and Ian

Next Meeting 20th Feb 2017


Next meeting confirmed for 6:30 pm on Monday 20th Feb at Blake Morgan, Tollgate, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3LG. We’ve two great sessions lined up:

  1. Michael Kightley, Avalanche Partners. Michael is going to give us a demo of Tableau in all its glory
  2. Owen Ireland, BOARD. Owen is going to demo BOARD, a decision making platform for organisations of any size.

Plus the usual great company and free pizzas! New attendees welcome.

Please register on the following link, see you there!

Gareth and Ian



Next Meeting 7th December 2016

Hi, there’s time for one more meeting before the end of the year, and we’ll be meeting at 6:30pm on Wednesday 7th December at Blake Morgan, Tollgate, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3LG.

We’re pleased to welcome Anthony Coombes, who will present:

Back to Basics – The Importance of the Fundamentals in Successful Data and Analytics Driven Marketing

Over the past decade there have been significant developments in the data and analytics driven marketing industry with a plethora of tools and sources of data available to help drive campaigns. Despite all these developments with customers being far more enlightened the importance of the fundamentals for example ‘Test and Learn’ remain as important today as they were twenty years ago, if not more so.

Then a break for pizzas.

Welcome to our second speaker, Greg Anderson from Sword Group, who is presenting:

Cortana Intelligence Suite – A new way to think about BI

Gain an understanding of how you can use CIS to do your data science. We will outline how to plan for and utilise CIS and contrast this with traditional techniques usually associated with Business Intelligence.  We will cover the following topics as part of the discussion:

  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Machine Learning
  • Cognitive Services

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All welcome!

14 September Meeting Details

The next session will be on 14 September at 6:30pm in the same location (Blake Morgan, Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 3LG).

We’ve two excellent sessions lined up:

Session 1: BI Office and Power BI on-Premise Integration: Richard Osbourn (Pyramid Analytics). Richard will show the ease of use and deployment capabilities available for advanced Collaborative BI rollout’s using the Microsoft Data Platform.

Richard is an experienced Business Intelligence practitioner. Prior to joining Pyramid Analytics as VP Customer Success in 2015 Richard spent 9 years with Hitachi Consulting managing and delivering large scale Business Intelligence solutions across multiple industries.

 Session 2: An open, round table discussion focusing on the need for speed in the world of reporting and analytics asking questions like; Why does speed matter? What could you do if you could see all of the data? Why sample when you don’t need to? Are you using aggregates – and why? Is all of the data that you need available to your reporting tools?  Is a data warehouse necessary?  Is the Cloud right for you?: Duncan Wyeth and Dave Shuttleworth (Exasol).

 Dave Shuttleworth is a recognised authority in database technology, parallel processing in the database field, data warehousing and data mining techniques.

Duncan has spent almost 30 years in the field of business management systems working primarily with Sage and SAP to deliver ERP, CRM and BI solutions across the globe and has consistently delivered solutions to the day-to-day challenges that business face.

Pizza available as normal thanks to our sponsor Randstad Recruitment!

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Gareth and Ian