The Business Intelligence and Data Analytics User Group for the south of the UK meets regularly in Southampton. We are vendor and product neutral meaning the presentations delivered will cover the full spectrum and there should always be something new for you to see and learn.

All attendees welcome, events are free of charge. If you would like to speak, please contact us.

User group founders and leads


Gareth Woodhouse – Head of Business Intelligence for Blake Morgan LLP

My first venture into the world of Data Analytics was in 2004 when I got my hands on the technology behind the human genome mapping project and was tasked with making it fit for business use within a finance firm.

Since then the world of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics has moved forward dramatically and so has it’s accessibility to SME’s that previously may have thought it was too expensive or not understood how it could be of value to them.

Witnessing first hand the ongoing growth of this market with more and more businesses waking up to the value and power of the data they hold, I looked for a group of like minded people to share experiences and knowledge in this area, but at the time my search came up blank, so I started my own user group and the rest as they say is history.

The aim of the group is to demystify the numerous products, methodologies and best practices in this space and for everyone to take home at least one nugget of information from a meeting that they didn’t know when they first arrived.

If this sounds appealing to you – they why not come along.

Hope to see you there!

Gareth Woodhouse on Linkedin





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